Tuition & Financial Aid

An Education for All

As a Muslim School, Marifah is an inheritor of a centuries-long tradition that enables and encourages students to pursue knowledge as a right, regardless of economic circumstances. This is why our financial aid policy removes economic barriers to seeking knowledge by offering any admitted student who cannot afford the cost of education a generous financial assistance package.

We do our best to ensure our students complete their education debt-free and do not offer loans as aid or participate in state or federal loan programs. Students apply for and receive financial aid directly from Marifah in the form of merit scholarships, need-based aid, and special grants. Our admissions decisions are need blind, and we seek dedicated students from all socio-economic backgrounds and experiences.

Enrollment , Books & Food Costs 2020-2021 Academic Year

Fee Description Cost

$350 Per Month

Nonrefundable enrollment


Textbooks and readers



$1050 Per Month

Refundable security deposit


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Our Mission

The purest form of enrichment bestowed upon humanity is the True knowledge from Almight Allah. Only that knowledge is truly astonishing, intriguing and everlasting. At Marifah, we believe in enlightening one self, practice piousness and envisioning a prosperous humanity.

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