The Marifah Seal

The purest form of enrichment bestowed upon humanity is the True knowledge from Almighty Allah. Only that knowledge is truly astonishing, intriguing and everlasting. And this is why, at Marifah, we have adorned our seal with the prayer Qul Rabbi zidnī ‘ilman (“Say: O Lord, increase me in knowledge”).
Faith is our only bridge between the real knowledge and the knowledge of this world and it is fueled with the inheritance gifted to us by our Hold Prophet (PBUH).

For it is our knowledge of the world alone that enables us to discern a creator; hence true knowledge will always lead to true faith. The greatest Qur’ānic commandment is “Know that there is no god but the One True God.” It is knowledge alone—and most importantly, knowledge of God—that differentiates us from beasts, making us unique among God’s glorious creation.”

– The Qur’anic quotation is from sūrah Tā Hā, verse 114.


At Marifah, we believe in harvesting communities and nurturing institutions that are founded on the strong principles and practices of Islam. Only this way, we as Muslims would be contributing in the best of our capacity.

We are the most gifted of the communities in this universe and that is only possible because of the practices and faith passed down from Our Prophet (PBUH). At Marifah, we are dedicated towards aspired learning, practice what is preached and impart the same principles toward our brethren.
Marifah is a community that contributes in educating Quran to our children, students stay at retreat center to learn Islamic teachings and practice the same. There are hostels for boys and girls separately, huge space for Islamic centre to held conventions for all those who seek knowledge to uplift their spiritual and moral principles.

Our mission is to cultivate holistic learning environments rooted in Recognization, Action, and service by providing full-time boarding school for boys and girls, and community programs. Just as certain conditions must be  present in the physical environment for growth, likewise there are conditions that must exist for religious and spiritual growth. We envision a space that is welcoming to all seekers, a space where people of varying degrees of practice can assemble and benefit regardless of their background.