KG-2nd Grade

Our program is designed to give students a strong base in the concepts and skills in each subject area.  It also focuses on basic academic learning and socialization skills, introducing children to the broad range of knowledge, skill and behavioral adjustment they need to succeed in life.


Religious Studies

Students learn the basic concepts and values of Islam and their applications in everyday life. They also memorize chapters of the Qur’an (Ayah), sayings of the Prophet (Hadith), and supplications in Arabic (Duaa) along with their meanings.

Arabic Language

Students are taught to read the Qur’an in Arabic. Writing, grammar, vocabulary and conversation are integrated into the curriculum.

Reading/Language Arts

Reading instruction includes phonics, phonemic awareness, comprehension strategies, and vocabulary skills. The Language Arts program includes instruction in grammar, spelling, handwriting, and writing techniques. Students apply their skills through literature discussions, creative writing, reports, book reports and other projects.


Critical thinking skills are emphasized through computation and word-problem solving. Students are receive instruction in number sense, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as graphs, fractions, geometry, measurement, time and calendar, money, and other related topics.

Social Studies

Social Studies encompasses such topics as Communities, World Cultures, U.S. History, U.S. Geography and Map Skills.


Science encompasses a variety of topics in the areas of Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science, and Environmental Science.

Physical Education

Students have two periods a week of formal instruction in physical education. In addition, students have recess/playtime everyday of the week.

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Our Mission

The purest form of enrichment bestowed upon humanity is the True knowledge from Almight Allah. Only that knowledge is truly astonishing, intriguing and everlasting. At Marifah, we believe in enlightening one self, practice piousness and envisioning a prosperous humanity.

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