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The Students We Seek

Marifah is a place for traditional and formal studies. We seek students who demonstrate intelligence, diligence, and perseverance, who want to become world leaders, who are energized by long hours of study, and who desire to develop their character as they develop their intellect.

Marifah day start from 4 AM. We are preparing world leaders with recognization, action and service mindset. But every one enjoy every moment in Marifah.

Begin a Life of Learning and Service

We aim to help you train your mind and acquire the requisite tools that will lead to a life of learning, thought, and reflection, and we aim to cultivate your character so that you always do  so with humility, purpose, and piety. Our curriculum contains the timeless texts of the Islamic tradition, as well as the great works and ideas of Western civilization.

Our Campus

Marifah Islamic Centre

Marifah Boys Campus

Marifah Girls Campus

Marifah Dormitory

Marifah Cemetery

Marifah Retreat Centre

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Our Mission

The purest form of enrichment bestowed upon humanity is the True knowledge from Almight Allah. Only that knowledge is truly astonishing, intriguing and everlasting. At Marifah, we believe in enlightening one self, practice piousness and envisioning a prosperous humanity.

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